Passengers manhandle driver for not stopping train at station

KOLKATA: Driver of a suburban train in Eastern Railway’s Sealdah-Shantipur section was manhandled by passengers in West Bengal’s Nadia district for not stopping the train at a station, officials said today.

The Sealdah-Shantipur local which started around 9.50 pm from Sealdah on Wednesday night was supposed to stop Fulia station at 11.53 pm in Nadia district but did not, Eastern Railway (ER) officials said..

The train stopped at a halt station at 11.58 pm after which the angry passengers got down went up to the driver’s cabin and manhandled him alleging that he was in an inebriated state.

“The passengers alleged that the driver was drunk,” officials said, adding that a breath analyser test was later conducted on the driver but no alcohol was found. Railways has instituted an inquiry into the matter, officials added.