Visitors to Vandalur Zoo can view new born animals

Chennai: Arignar Anna Zoological Park management has said that special arrangements have been made for the visitors to view the new born animals in a special exclusive large LED display exclusively arranged on Kannum Pongal day.

A press release said Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandular is the centre for excellence in captive breeding of wild animals.

“By the efforts of good management practices and nutritious food supply, there is a continuous increase in population of zoo animals,” the release added.

It further said an Indian Gaur, at the zoo named Reema sired with a male Gaur Rahul and gave birth to a female calf recently.

“Presently the zoo houses 24 Indian Gaurs which can be viewed on two layer enclosures at the zoo. The largest Asian antelope and endemic species of Indian subcontinent Nilgai or blue bull housed at the zoo shows excellent breeding pattern. A pair of which has given birth to 2 female calves recently. Presently the zoo houses 11 Nilgai,” the release added.

It further said the Indian grey wolf housed at the zoo shows excellence breeding pattern. “A pair of wolf named Keerthi and Vasanthan gave birth to 7 pups of which 4 are male and 3 female. It is remarkable that this pair shows successful breeding for the third time. The new borns are under post-natal monitoring and under continuous veterinary care,” it said.