Review: Rajavukku Check – Cheran express

Who said actor Cheran can’t pull off an action thriller. For many, whop had seen him a doting son or caring husband on screen comes Rajavukku Check as a surprise. He dons the role of a police officer who has a mission to achieve. He is more a brainy than brawny here.

A thriller film, written and directed by Sai Rajkumar, the movie stars Irfan of Sundattam as antagonist with actresses Srushti Dange, Sarayu and Nandana Varma play supporting roles.

Kudos to Sai Rajkumar for he has come up with a good writing. In a nutshell, the movie is about four baddies who decides to kidnap daughter of a cop for a reason. The movie has music by Vinod Yajamaanya while cinematography is by veteran M S Prabhu

The movie which runs for little more than two hours features Cheran in a complex character, but the actor in him comes out in flying colours. He is into alcoholism and also suffer from Kleine–Levin syndrome or Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, which makes him sleep for long periods.

Compliment Irfan, who has utilised the opportunity to deliver a solid show. The movie begins as a suspense thriller.  Srushti Dangae has little screen space but utilise it well. Technically it is a good show by M S Prabhu. He captures the thrills and suspense well. Vinod Yajamaanya’s background score is good. What looks like a promising script is filled suddenly gets filled with melodramatic moments at the second half. However thanks to Sai Rajkumar’s writing, the movie ends up as watchable fare.