It’s love all the way


Love is undoubtedly in the air, with Valentine’s Day being celebrated today, News Today  brings out interesting stories of two couples in Chennai.

Love beyond borders
At times it is good to talk about the journey of love, especially with Valentine’s Day.

Saravanan and his wife Vijithra, residents of Annai Indira Nagar, Velacheri plan to visit Dr Shiva Subramanian and Shrimathi in Besant Nagar today.

The couple wish to seek their blessing and express gratitude.The reason being, 10 years ago, the family helped Saravanan and Vijithra get married.

”I met Vijithra, who is from Sri Lanka, when she joined my workplace as a part-timer. I got to know her better when we went for a medical camp to a rural area. I was so impressed by her. Gradually, we spoke and got to know each other better and fell in love”, Saravanan says.

But as fate had it, Vijithra’s father had planned to get her married to a man in London.

”Vijithra said she would marry me and no one else”, says Saravanan.

The families opposed and there was a fear that Vijithra was from a war torn land. ”In 2010 the war was over, but my family still feared it,” he says.

This is when Dr Shiva stepped in and helped the couple for their marriage. The following day they entered wedlock at a temple in Besant Nagar.

”He helped us settle in a house and stood by us for all these years”, Saravanan says.

A year later, when the couple had a girl child, both families came around, forgetting the past. So on Valentines Day, the couple cannot think of a better plan than spend quality time with those who stood by them.

Destiny united them
It is said, love is about finding your destiny, well, in the case of William and Divya, who now stay in Thiruvanmiyur, destiny seems to have found them.

William says, ”She is from Delhi, while I am from Bengaluru. Our religions too are not the same. We met in Bengaluru, when she came to work. But soon, I decided to quit the job to follow my passion in photography and cinematography, and hence had to re-locate to Chennai. As I left office, I just said bye to everyone, including her.”

But as fate had it, the duo re-connected over e-mails and got talking.

”After months of chatting, I met her during my visits to Bengaluru”, he says.

As William puts it, ”One fine day, we decided to get married.”

The duo admit that they were scared as to how their families would respond, but there was no objection to the wedding. They tied the knot according to both their customs in two ceremonies in Delhi and Bengaluru.

Now, six years of marital bliss does not hold them back from celebrating Valentine’s Day.

”We will be having a special dinner together. 24 February is the day I got married, which is also my birthday. This is a celebratory month for us,” he smiles.

As for Thiruvanmiyur, it is becoming a sought-after destination for couples to visit and celebrate love, since it checks all the right boxes in setting the perfect ambience.

With fine dining places, sea side restaurants, beaches, parks and themed cafes, it gives a plethora of options for those struck by Cupid.

A walk at the Besant Nagar beach, continues to be a preferred option for those wanting to spend time with their loved ones.

The sea sides at Thiruvanmiyur, Palavakkam and ECR too, are equally loved by many, it is said.