Review: “Velvet Nagaram” – Thrills and shrills

Velvet Nagaram, directed by debutant Manoj Kumar Natarajan is a thriller film starring Varalakshmi Sarathkuma in the lead along with actors including Kasturi Shankar, Ramesh Tilak, Santhosh Krishna, Maalavika Sundar.

The story starts with Gauri (Kasturi), a popular actress-turned-social worker who works for the upliftment of a tribal community in
Kodaikanal. She opposes a major project that exploits the resources at the hills and wants it to be stalled. Here enters Usha (Varalakshmi), a journalist who is a close friend of Gauri. One night while speaking over the phone to Usha, Gauri gets mysteriously killed. Usha sets out to find the killer and seeks the help of her brother (Prakash Raghavan), and stay at Mugilan and Priya’s (Pradeep and Maalavika) place.

Meanwhile parallelly, a group of local goons sense that they are in danger from their rivals and plan to fly out of the country. They are
in need of money. Accidentally Mugilan gets into a brawl with one of them and the goons decide to rob money from him by reaching his house and physically assaulting him, his wife Usha and her brother.

A few hours later Usha realises why people are after them by connecting it with Gauri’s murder and how she saves herself and her
close aides and whether she fulfils the wish of Guari for which she was murdered, forms the rest of the story. Kudos to the director for coming up with this story in his maiden attempt, that has some unexpected twists and turns that keeps the audience at the edge of
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Varalakshmi on her part is a perfect fit for the role of a bold journalist. Natural acting of the supporting actors especially
Maalavika, Ramesh Thilak and Santhosh deserves special mention. The movie is loaded with action sequences that are well-executed. However, the duration could have been reduced as it drags too much especially towards the end of the first half.

There is also only one song and Achu Rajamani has done a good job with the background scores. The movie has also spoken against exploiting the livelihood and natural resources for the sake of development, which is relevant to the current scenario in a very subtle manner.