Kanchana who manufactures cotton sanitary pads, says awareness low in India

Chennai: Periods are not to be ashamed off, but to be celebrated is what Para Prakriti company that sells Mithya sanitary pads tells people about women’s menstruation cycle.

Mithya is known for 100 percent cotton sanitary napkins made by Kanchana Nagarajan (67) of Pozhichalur. Using no artificial colours and chemicals, Kanchana has been producing cotton sanitary pads for over six months now.

When asked Kanchana, why she started creating cotton sanitary napkins, she says, ‘I have been inspired by Sankari, my neighbour who was constantly complaining about the side effects of using pads that caused rashes and irritations. That’s how I started Mithya Sanitary Napkins six months ago’.

Asking about how this idea of 100 per cent cotton napkin occurred, she says, ’64 per cent of the universal population have turned themselves into using cotton napkins. In India, the awareness about this is very less and people are not ready to come out of their comfort zone. To come out properly, we have registered with the government and have all the reports that are to be shown in case of problems’.

Talking more about the products, she says, ‘We use only cotton clothes and pure cotton that are exclusively imported from India mart. We don’t use any chemicals but will load up to five thick layers with cotton and cover it with cotton clothes. To reduce irritation, we have given two buttons on each wing in order to adjust with any individual’s size’.

‘Apart from this, I have given 200 pads for free for people not to test but to encourage them into buying cotton pads. We have designed a total of seven products that includes doubtful pad, medium and extra big.’ She adds, ‘ We have sold 600 napkins for now. Though it is a little expensive, it is a long run product. Comparing the total amount spent for buying pads a wholeyear, Mithya napkins are affordable and comparatively less’.

Talking about how to use the napkin, she says, ‘These napkins are like regular napkins but are reusable. Since this is designed to last longer,’ she concluded.

Apart from this, Kanchana is also planning to launch kids and elders cotton diapers. Talking about this, she says, ‘Women don’t always get a restroom when they are out. My husband Nagarajan is encouraging me to move further with the ideas. I have been planning it for long and I hope I will introduce cotton diapers before the end of this year’.