Chennai claps for corona warriors

Chennai: As India is continuing to grapple with the deadly corona virus, the nation came to a standstill on Sunday by observing the Janta Curfew with people confined to indoors as a measure to contain the spread of the virus.

So far as only self-isolation and social distancing are seen as the best practice to curb the spread of the virus. The Janta Curfew came into effect after Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the people to stay indoors on 22 March (Sunday) from 7 am to 9 pm.

Throughout the day with the public buses and trains suspended, vehicular movement were also restricted on roads and as shops remained closed, it gave the city an unusual deserted look. However by 5 pm, right from senior citizens to small children, lakhs of Chennaiites came together, stood in balconies, windows and on terraces of their houses and for five minutes clapped their hands, banged plates and pans to salute those participating the war against coronavirus, based on the Prime Minister’s advice as a mark of tribute for the self-less efforts taken by the numerous doctors, nurses and sanitary workers who are playing a key role in containing the disease.

In many areas, the claps continued even after the stipulated five minutes and in some cases people even thronged streets and continued to do so until dusk. Speaking about it, Swaminathan, a resident of the city said, ”We are at a crucial stage of the pandemic right now and it was good to see the whole nation coming together and express their thanks to the numerous health officials and staff for their self-less act. This clap is done just to provide and spread positivity and to stand in unison to fight the virus.”

Some people however said that social distancing went missing as people came together to clap. ”While people stayed indoors and maintained
social distancing till 5 pm, out of joy, in some joint communities, people stood close with each other applauding the selfless act of
doctors and nurses. It would have been much better had social distancing was followed,” says Atulya a resident of Tambaram.