Virat Kohli is not a guy to mess around with: Shastri

Mumbai: Head coach Ravi Shastri believes Virat Kohli is the “boss” of the Indian team who leads from the front in each and every aspect of the game.

“The captain is the boss, I always believe that,” Shastri said on the Sky Sports Podcast, responding to a question from Nasser Hussain. “The job of the coaching staff is to prepare the guys in the best possible way to get out there and play positive, brave, fearless cricket.

“The captain leads from the front. Yes, we are there to take off the burden — he’s not going to each player and talking to them, that’s my job; if you’ve got to pull someone up — but you leave him to do his job in the middle.
The captain sets the tone and is encouraged to set the tone. In the middle, he controls the show. No coach in the world can do that,” he added.