MeshWorks 2020 aims at revolutionising bio-medical sector

Chennai: DEP MeshWorks 2020, a CAE driven engineering platform, for rapid concept CAE model generation, FE meshing, FE/CAD morphing and post processing is set to innovate in the bio-medical sector with some new age technologies.

The enhanced technologies of Meshworks 2020, a press release said, enables the transformation of the product development process across industry verticals along with biomedical. With this recent launch of MeshWorks product development in the healthcare industry will become more efficient and productive.

Speaking about the aim of Meshworks 2020, Radha Krishnan, founder and president, Detroit Engineered Products, said, “the aim of introducing DEP Meshworks 2020 is to redefine product development and benefit organizations with new age technologies and ultimately lead to reduced time for product development, enhanced productivity and cost savings.”