Ally brings theatres to home

RGV’s Naked being streamed in has done more than 30000 views and still counting.

The film is being screened in association with Ally Softwares platform, India’s first blockchain-based Theatre-at-Home platform that helps creators and producers to host seamless streaming directly to consumers.

The company has patented the process /technology which will be more advantageous for both buyers and the product owners.

For creators, they benefit from advanced blockchain-based DRM, streamlined and secured content distribution and 100 per cent transparency on the transactions in real-time. The tech helps prevent piracy, which is now witnessed by the Ace Director RGV.

‘The-Ally’s new Theatre-at-Home, was a great package! It provided my team an ability to track successful transactions in real-time for the first time. Block chain allowed us to reach more users securely and will enable us to launch new features for the viewers.

The-Ally has certainly pioneered the process to take the premium content directly to the viewers on a pay/view basis worldwide transparently with their visionary innovation in content distribution, said RGV.

RGV & Team is super happy about the success of this digital block buster and are already planning a release of his next film – Corona Virus” possibly the first film in the world to talk about Corona virus. Murder is the other one in his digital release line-up.

After the Launch of NAKED, has caught attention of many Production houses who are talking to re-release their new movies which were received well by the audience yet moved from theatre very soon due to lock down. Few among them are Semma Bodha Agathe, Thilakar, Kannimafam among others.

Devadoss, Kallan and Monkey Donkey will relese soon.