Nalini is fine now: Doctor’s report

Chennai: The health condition of S Nalini, one of the seven life convicts in the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination case who had attempted to end her life in the high security Special Prison for Women in Vellore on Monday night, is fine, according to a medical report.

The report said there was no injury on her neck and his health parameters are normal. Nalini’s counsel P Pugazhendhi said that following a complaint from her fellow life convict, who was posted as orderly for Nalini, the Jailor went to the cell to enquire into it, when the incident took place.

The orderly has lodged a complaint about Nalini with the jailor who, after the 6 pm lock up time, went to her cell at around 8.30 pm to enquire into it.

At that time there seems to be some misunderstanding between Nalini and the Jailor when she tried to end her life by tying her saree around her neck. However, it was thwarted by the jail authorities, Pugazhendi said.

“This is the jail version. I don’t think so that Nalini, who had been in prison for 29 years with good conduct, would have made such an attempt over a trivial issue like this. ‘We cannot believe it as there may be some other reason”, he said.

Stating that Vellore prison was not safe for her, Pugazhendi said steps would be taken to shift her to Puzhal prison here.