Chennai hospital saves limb of Georgia man

Chennai: Apollo Hospitals has announced completing a complicated limb saving revascularization procedure on a patient from Georgia recently.

The patient sustained crushed injury in his lower limb during his work on a cargo ship that was stationed near Chennai.

Malkhaz Surmanidze, a 46-year-old from the Republic of Georgia and a vice captain of a cargo ship sustained an injury on his right leg while his vessel was at Chennai coast. His leg got caught in the chain of containers (where he would have lost his life which got prevented by pulling his leg from that) and crushed.

The ship was docked, he was taken to a hospital close to the Chennai port and he was referred to Apollo Hospitals owing to his critical leg injury.

“With all precautions Dr Rajarajan Venkatesan, senior consultant vascular Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals and team moved the patient for emergency surgery with adequate precautions considering covid prevention and performed Limb Saving Revascularization (popliteal artery grafting) procedure and Liberal Leg Fasciotomy,” said a release from the hospital.