He celebrates his love in a big way

Madhav Mahajan is off to sula vineyards with his partner Angela Krislinzki in nashik for his birthday. It is on the 14 October and they are planning a quaint and calm birthday away from the rushes of Mumbai.

Madhav Mahajan is a singer and performer and he has learnt quite a few things including various musical instruments. He will be turning a year older and he would be spending the time with nature, wine and a lot of love in the beautiful land of supa vineyards.

He says, ‘thank you very much. This time it won’t be without too many people.

Me and Angela are in sula for the birthday celebrations. We have had a difficult time staying away from each other due to the lockdown. We want to spend as much time and what better than a special day for one of us.

One thing I have learnt the most among other things is that your family and love and friends are extremely important.

They mean the world and this time has reflected that well to us. We want to start this year on some great time together.’