‘Trump’s handling of corona is situation is erratic’

New York: Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been erratic  just like his presidency, his Democratic challenger Joe Biden has said, terming the US president’s leadership as chaotic and divisive that has cost Americans far too much.

The former vice president said Trump was playing games with people’s lives and “the only senior Donald Trump seems to care about” is himself.

His handling of this pandemic has been erratic just like his presidency. And it has prevented Florida seniors and people all across the country from getting the relief that they need, Biden said at a campaign event in Florida on Tuesday.

Florida is a battleground State which was won by Trump in the 2016 elections.According to Real Clear Politics, which tracks major opinion polls, Biden is leading the state by 3.7 percentage points. However, Trump has been attracting thousands of people to his election rallies in Florida, despite coronavirus social distancing measures in place.

Biden claimed that Trump just hasn’t been willing to do the work. I think it’s beyond that, I’m not sure he cares about delivering any real help. I think it’s both. People say he’s not willing to do the work. Well, I don’t think he cares much about it, he said.

While you’re losing precious time with your loved one’s, he’s been stuck in a sand trap on one of his golf courses. When he does decide to lift a finger, it isn’t to help you. It’s to propose new tax cuts for billionaires. That’s not hyperbole. 100 wealthiest billionaires in America are expected to get another USD 30 billion tax cut he’s proposing, he said.

We know what happened the last time a tax cut was passed when he came into office.  Pharmaceutical companies got billions of dollars in tax breaks. Then they turned  around and raised prices for medicines that you rely on to stay healthy. And  they’re still doing it even during the pandemic. Quite frankly, it’s  unconscionable, Biden said.

But Trump does not really care about lowering the healthcare cost because he’s  beholden to health insurance companies and the drug companies, he said.

After all, he’s asking the United States Supreme Court as I speak, he’s asking right now to strike down the entire Affordable Care Act which would eliminate seniors’ ability–everyone–most of you are on Medicare–but it would eliminate your ability–and that act we passed, Biden said.

I was able help put in place, was that you’d have preventative services, and annual checkups and mammograms for free under Medicare. If it gets struck down, that gets wiped out as well, he said, adding that the rise in prescription drug prices for millions of seniors has put Medicare trust funds at risk.

Biden accused Trump of wanting to terminate the tax that finances Social Security.  All Trump knows how to do is play games with people’s lives, he said, adding that the president turned his back on educators and school children, and on workers whose jobs have not come back.

He thinks he’s still on his game show, Biden said of Trump’s different positions on the next stimulus package and attempts to give seniors a prescription drug discount before the election.

Donald Trump’s chaotic and divisive leadership has cost us far too much, he alleged.

Biden said he prayed for Trump’s recovery when the president got Covid-19 but Trump has “doubled down on misinformation.”