Rabbani Mustafa Khan sings for Fauji Calling

Rabbani Mustafa Khan has done the playback for a song from the upcoming war film Fauji Calling. Rabbani Mustafa Khan has a huge history to stand up to.

His late father Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan was a legendary Hindustani Classical Vocalist.

The backdrop is perfect and the stage is set for Rabbani Mustafa Khan as it’s a movie set in the backdrop of an Indian soldier and the sacrifices his family has to give.

Rabbani Mustafa Khan has sung songs like Aoni Saiyyon, Naina and has also had the chance to share the stage with his legendary father, brothers and nephew for the songs like Aao Balma and Soz o Salaam alongside A R Rahman. He has been performing all over the globe along with his father and also for his solo performances.

He says, ‘It’s an emotional moment for me. My father always wanted me to sing and i took it up little late, but now definitely you will see me more often.. There are days when I can’t control my tears as he has passed away recently.

His legacy is a blessing that i will live up to. I have tried to do my best with this song Peer meri piya jaane na and I hope the nation and the world likes the song.

This song is a dedication to Ustad Sahab as we fondly remember him and I hope he is smiling up there. It’s a gallant movie and the nation should watch it.’