Review: Mirugaa

Miruga starring Raai Laxmi and Srikanth is interesting for it has a man-eating tiger in a pivotal character.

Produced by B Vinod Jain of Jaguar Studios, the film, directed by debutant J Parthiban, Mirugaa is a thriller and has story, screenplay and dialogues by its cinematographer MV Panneerselvam.

The movie is about Lakshmi ( Raai Laxmi), a billionaire business woman and a single mother. She lives with her daughter in Ooty. Her sister in Goa is upset that their father made Lakshmi as legal heir to his property.

She sends John (Srikanth) to finish Lakshmi. Things take a turn and John impresses Lakshmi and ends up marrying her.

Coming to know of a man-eating tiger in the place, John plans a task to make sure he escapes one with all wealth.

Raai Laxmi is perfect fit for the role. She does it with ease and elan. Her expressions during second half is good.

Srikanth plays a anti-hero all through. The other characters are very loosely written. And the CG of tiger has been done quite well but its repeated often taking away the wow factor.

The cinematography is good. The landscapes of a hill station has been presented well in various hues.

Had the narration been more engrossing and a crisp climax too, Mirugaa would have entertained more.