CCI faults Vishal for holding industry strike in 2018

Chennai: Competition Commission of India has found the strike enforced across Tamilnadu theatres by the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) in 2018 when Vishal was its president as anti competitive.

The strike was announced against theatres collecting charges from producers for screening movies.

The doors of CCI waereknocked by an individual who chose not to reveal his name.
In its order recently, CCI noted, “Considering the nature/ duration of and level of participation in the strike/boycott call as also considering the submissions that movies continued to be released during the period of strike, on a holistic and comprehensive assessment, the Commission refrains from imposing any monetary penalty upon the associations with a firm warning that any such future conduct would be construed as recidivism with attendant aggravated consequences.”

“Associations are directed to ensure that the platform of trade associations is not utilised for anti-competitive behavior and they are advised to conduct events educating their respective members about the awareness of competition law and the consequent need for competition compliance.”