Sasikala blasts AIADMK leadership for poll defeat

V K Sasikala

Chennai: Former interim general secretary of AIADMK V K Sasikala has urged everyone to ponder upon the party’s recent performance in the urban body polls which the DMK swept.

‘In its history of about 50 years, the movement has never seen such a spell of continuous electoral reverses,’ she said. She alluded to the showing of the party in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, rural local bodies election in 2019 and 2020 and the Assembly polls in 2021.

Sasikala blasted the AIADMK leadership and said, ‘the party is facing the consequences of forgetting those who nourished the party.’

She said that the leadership should learn from this diversity and ‘we can flourish if we unite’. She further assured people that she would be with cadres and that the AIADMK would form the government again.

‘At least now, everyone should ponder. If we all work together in the interests of the movement, the Kazhagam will definitely become strong,’ she said.

‘Naalai Namathey…I will definitely travel alongside you. We will definitely form the government,’ she added.