Andrea all the way in No Entry

Actress Andrea is playing the lead role in a new film titled ‘No Entry’.

The film is directed by R Azhagu Karthik, who has worked as an assistant to the acclaimed director SA Chandrasekar.

The highlight of the movie is that it has been shot fully in Cherapunji.

The movie is about a couple who go for vacation to Cherapunji. There they get caught to a pack od deadly dogs that hunt humans. How they escape forms the crux.

It has been narrated in an engaging way, says the filmmaker.

We trained the dogs and Andrea being a dog-lover was at ease during the shoot, he adds.

Shooting is over and post production works are on. The cast also includes Ranya Rao, Aadhav Kannadadan, Maanas among others. Music is by Ajees.