Seeman takes a dig at DMK govt

Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) Chief Seeman has issued a warning to the State government that his party will undertake protest if the Sri Lankan Tamils lodged in the special camp in Tiruchirappalli are not released immediately.

“The news of 30 Sri Lankan Tamils taking pills and one of them trying for self immolation is shocking. Without any humanitarian consideration the State government is refusing to accept the demands of Lankan Tamils who are under fast for more than 35 days. When the State government is silent even after the Lankan Tamils are ready to lose their lives, kindles doubt whether the government in Tamilnadu is a Sinhalese government”, said Seeman, in a statement.

He also said that in the election manifesto, Chief Minister MK Stalin had assured that DMK will take steps to obtain citizenship for Sri Lankan Tamils but now the State government is not even allowing them to lead the life of a refugee. “Is this social justice? Is it right on the part of the State government to remain silent? What is the reason behind the silence of Stalin who said that Lankan Tamils are his blood relatives? Is this a reformative government?”, asked Seeman.