Covid isolation wards in hospitals reopened

After increase in Covid cases, reports say that oth private and government hospitals in Chennai are reopening new isolation wards to accommodate Covid-19 patients.

‘Only around 5% of patients are now admitted in hospitals, but there is an increase in absolute numbers almost every day. Most people have mild or no symptoms, but some others, particularly the elderly and people with comorbid conditions may require hospitalisation, said Health Minister Ma Subramanian.

Tamilnadu reported 2,385 Covid cases on Friday, including two imported cases from other countries and States. The total number of cases in the State reached to 34,77,570 and fresh cases in Chennai crossed 1,000 and stood at 1,025.

The daily Covid numbers dropped below 1,000 last on February 7.The city recorded as many as 5,173 active cases out of the 12,158 active cases in the State.