TN has 6.18 crore electorates

Tamilnadu has a total electorate of 6.18 crore, including 3.14 crore women, 3.03 crore men and 7,700 transpersons.As per the integrated draft electoral rolls of Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls, 2023, the total electorate in Tamil Nadu was
6,18,26,182 (Male: 3,03,95,103; Female: 3,14,23,321;  Third Gender: 7,758)m Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahoo said in an official release.
The highest electorate in the State is in Assembly Constituency in Chengalpattu district with 6,66,464  electors (Male: 3,34,219; Female: 3,32,132; Third Gender: 113).
Harbour Assembly Constituency in Chennai district has the lowest electorate in the State with 1,72,211 electors (Male: 89,588; Female:
82,563; Third Gender 60).
The Election Commission of India has announced the Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls with reference to January 1, 2023 as the qualifying date.