Layoffs coming: Verizon warns customer service employees

US telecom carrier Verizon has warned its customer service employees about impending layoffs as part of “restructuring” and “streamlining” measures.

Over 6,000 employees received a pre-recorded message from the company about upcoming “significant” layoffs, reports The Verge. They were told they would be able to accept a severance offer (two weeks per year of tenure) or, in select cases, apply for roles to “transition to the next stage of your career journey”. According to an internal document provided to The Verge, those roles revolve around customer experience, loyalty, and technology positions. The layoff warning as the company lost 127,000 postpaid subscribers in the first quarter this year.

Meanwhile Meta has begun its third round of layoffs as part of the company’s multibillion-dollar plan to save costs.

The latest round of cuts targets members of Meta’s business groups and follows a previous round of layoffs in April that affected employees in technical roles. About 10,000 workers will lose their jobs between the April and May cuts, following the company’s first round in November that affected 11,000 employees.
Meta employees with roles in user experience, marketing, recruiting and engineering took to LinkedIn to announce they had been let go on Wednesday.