Two die after consuming sanitiser-laced liquor

Chennai: In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded on Friday, two individuals lost their lives in Kumbakonam after reportedly consuming liquor mixed with sanitiser. The victims, identified as Balaguru (48) from Perumandi in Kumbakonam and Soundarajan (43) from Karunaikollai, both daily wage workers, tragically succumbed to this dangerous concoction.

The tragedy unfolded when the two men were found unconscious at Sakkara bathing ghat near Kumbakonam by members of the public on Friday morning. As local authorities delved into the matter, the Kumbakonam East police uncovered a distressing sequence of events.

It was revealed that the deceased often frequented the Sakkara bathing ghat on the banks of the Cauvery River to indulge in alcohol consumption. On the fateful Thursday night, they had purchased liquor as they usually did. However, what made this night different was their decision to also buy a bottle of sanitiser.

As the duo mixed the sanitiser with their alcohol, onlookers seated nearby reportedly warned them about the inherent risks of consuming sanitiser-laced liquor. Despite these cautionary words, the two men proceeded to consume the dangerous concoction.

Tragically, within a matter of minutes, the effects of this deadly combination became apparent as both Balaguru and Soundarajan collapsed and lost their lives. The swift and untimely demise of these two individuals left the local community in shock and mourning.

Kumbakonam DSP Keerthivasan, who visited the scene of the incident, acted swiftly by collecting blood samples from the location and confiscating the sanitiser bottles. Further investigations are currently underway to ascertain the precise circumstances that led to this tragic loss of life.