Between Bharat and India, Rahul chooses India that is Bharat

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said choosing between ‘Godfather’ and ‘Dark Knight’ is a difficult choice and he would go with both.

He also said that between and Bharat and India, he will go with India that is Bharat. He made the remarks at a conclave, a video of which was shared on Congress official X platform. In the video, Rahul Gandhi can be seen taking the rapid fire quiz. When asked if whom he will choose between Godfather and Dark Knight, Rahul Gandhi said he would go with both as it’s a difficult choice and both are very deep movies. On another choice between Bharat and India, Rahul Gandhi’s answer was ‘India that is Bharat’. Between Messi and Ronaldo, Rahul Gandhi chose Ronaldo and said he likes Ronaldo’s kindness but as a footballer, Messi is better than Ronaldo. “If I was running a football team and I am asked who would I prefer, I would probably prefer Messi,” Rahul Gandhi said. Between Netflix and workout, Rahul Gandhi chose workout; could not choose any between Indian cuisine and Chinese as both are his favourite. Between Bharat Jodo beard and a clean-shaved look, the Congress MP said he is not attached to these things. “I am never too concerned about beard hai, nahi hai. I am okay with everything,” the Congress leader said. To another question if he would not been a politician, he could have been ‘anything’, he said. “When I am talking to my nephew and his friends, I am a teacher. When I am in the kitchen, I am a cook. Politician is just one frame of me. We all have many different frames,” Rahul Gandhi explained.