TTF Vasan’s driving license suspended for 10 years

Chennai: In a recent development, the Office of the Licensing Authority cum Regional Transport Officer (RTO) of Kancheepuram Transport Department has suspended the driving license of popular biker-vlogger TTF Vasan, also known as Vaikunthavasan.

The suspension is set to last for a decade, from October 6, 2023, to October 5, 2033. This decision comes as a result of a string of traffic violations and legal troubles that have plagued Vasan in recent times.

The RTO’s action against Vasan was initiated due to multiple offenses under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Motor Vehicle Act. He faced charges under Sections 279, 308, and 336 of the IPC, as well as Sections 184 and 188 of the Motor Vehicle Act. These charges stemmed from various incidents where Vasan was accused of reckless driving, using defective number plates, and riding without a helmet.

The Greater Chennai Traffic Police (GCTP) had previously booked him for these offenses, and it appears that Vasan’s disregard for traffic rules led to this significant penalty. The RTO has provided Vasan with a window to appeal the suspension. He can approach the Appealing Authority or Joint Transport Commissioner in Chennai within 30 days if he wishes to regain his driving privileges.

One of the most notable incidents that contributed to Vasan’s legal troubles occurred during a road trip on September 17. On that fateful day, Vasan was involved in a near-fatal accident on the Chennai-Vellore Highway near Damal, Kanchipuram. While performing bike stunts, he lost control of his motorcycle, leading to a serious crash. Fortunately, Vasan’s life was spared, thanks in part to the high-quality imported helmets and race suits he was wearing. However, he sustained a fractured hand in the accident.

Vasan’s troubles escalated when he was arrested by the Baluchetty Chatram Police in Kancheepuram on September 19. He was booked for rash driving and attempted culpable homicide in connection with the accident.

Seeking legal recourse, Vasan approached the Madras High Court for bail after his initial bail petition was rejected by the Kanchipuram Sessions Court on September 26. Unfortunately for him, on October 5, the Madras High Court also denied his bail request. Furthermore, the court expressed its strong disapproval of his actions by suggesting that his bike should be burned and even recommended the closure of his YouTube channel.