Seeman urges EC to reconsider allocation of lotus symbol to BJP

Naam Tamizhar Katchi (NTK) leader Seeman has raised objections to the Election Commission of India (ECI) over the allocation of the ‘lotus’ symbol to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Seeman’s demand comes in light of his party’s recent loss of the ‘farmer’ symbol to another party in Karnataka, sparking concerns over potential voter influence in Tamil Nadu.
Speaking to reporters in Chennai, Seeman expressed his reservations about the allotment of the lotus symbol, citing its status as the national flower of India. He argued that assigning the lotus symbol to the BJP could unduly influence voters due to its symbolic significance. Seeman recounted his unsuccessful plea to the ECI for the allocation of the ‘peacock’ symbol for his party, as the peacock is also a national symbol.
Seeman’s criticism of the ECI’s decision to grant the lotus symbol to the BJP stems from the perceived inconsistency in symbol allocation. He questioned the rationale behind denying his party’s request for the peacock symbol while allowing the lotus symbol for the BJP. Seeman called for either a change in the BJP’s symbol or a reconsideration of the national flower designation.
Additionally, Seeman accused the BJP of playing a role in NTK’s loss of its symbol, further escalating the controversy. However, State BJP President K Annamalai dismissed Seeman’s allegations, asserting that there was no connection between NTK’s loss of its symbol and the BJP’s actions. Annamalai challenged Seeman’s claims, suggesting that he should have followed the proper procedure and applied for the symbol through the ECI.