Musk launches Starlink in Indonesia

Jakarta, May 20: Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, on Sunday, launched his satellite-based internet service provider Starlink in Indonesia, with the aim to improve access in remote parts of the archipelago.
“Honoured to launch @Starlink in Indonesia!” Musk posted on X.
The tech billionaire arrived on the Indonesian resort island of Bali by private jet on Sunday morning, before attending the launch ceremony at a community health centre in the provincial capital of Denpasar.
Indonesia’s Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister Luhut Pandjaitan met Musk at the airport and said the two would discuss several important collaborations, including the inauguration of Starlink.
“I had the opportunity to pick up Elon at the airport this morning, then discuss some of his agendas while he’s here and, of course, some important collaborations. One of them is the inauguration of Starlink internet service capable of reaching all corners of Indonesia,” the Minister wrote on his official Instagram account.
“Through the availability of internet access throughout the province, the digitalisation in the implementation of healthcare and education in Indonesia can continue to improve,” he added.
Earlier this month, Starlink warned users of a “degraded service” as the biggest geomagnetic storm struck the Earth due to solar activity.
“Starlink is currently experiencing degraded service. Our team is investigating,” the company wrote on its website.
Musk also highlighted the severity of the storm in a post on X, saying that it has put Starlink satellite fleet under intense pressure and described it as “the biggest in a long time.”