Hoax bomb threat to hospital in Krishnagiri

Tense moments ensued at a private children’s hospital in Krishnagiri on Tuesday following a hoax bomb threat received via email. The Mithra Leela Children Hospital was thrown into chaos around 11:30 am when an email, threatening the detonation of several bombs around the hospital premises, landed in the hospital’s official mail inbox.

Upon receiving the alarming email, hospital staff swiftly sprang into action, prioritizing the safety of patients and personnel. A child undergoing treatment as an in-patient, along with three outpatient children and their parents, were promptly relocated to another medical facility as a precautionary measure.

In response to the threat, doctors and staff evacuated the premises while authorities were notified. The Hosur police, accompanied by bomb detection squad personnel and a sniffer dog, conducted an extensive search of the hospital’s five-story building. After a thorough investigation lasting over an hour, it was determined that the threat was a hoax.

Following the all-clear from authorities, doctors and staff returned to their duties, and normalcy resumed at the hospital. While the incident caused a temporary disruption and sparked anxiety among patients and staff, prompt action and coordinated efforts ensured that the situation was swiftly brought under control.