Gold prices surge by Rs 520 per sovereign in Chennai

Chennai: The price of gold in Chennai saw a significant increase on Monday, rising by Rs 520 per sovereign. The yellow metal is now being sold at Rs 53,760 per sovereign, up from Rs 53,240 on Saturday.

In addition to the per sovereign increase, the price of gold per gram has also risen by Rs 65, reaching Rs 6,720. This price fluctuation comes amid several days of variable gold prices in Tamil Nadu, reflecting ongoing market volatility.

Silver prices have also experienced a slight uptick. The price of silver has increased by 1.50 paise and is now being sold at Rs 97.50 per gram.

The rising prices of both gold and silver are indicative of current trends in the precious metals market, influenced by a variety of economic factors. Consumers and investors in Tamil Nadu are closely monitoring these fluctuations as they impact purchasing decisions and investment strategies.