Pune Porsche crash: Juvenile’s mother arrested

Pune: Pune police have arrested the mother of the juvenile in the Porsche car accident case after confirmation that his blood samples were replaced with those of his mother, the city police chief said on Saturday.

Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar said the accident investigation has revealed that the juvenile’s blood samples were replaced with those of his mother.

Police had told a local court two days ago that the blood samples of the juvenile were exchanged with those of a woman.

Two IT professionals were killed in the early hours of May 19 in Kalyani Nagar in Pune after a Porsche allegedly being driven by the drunk minor rammed into their two wheeler.

While the 17-year-old minor has been sent to an observation home, his father, realtor Vishal Agarwal and grandfather Surendra Agarwal have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping the family’s driver and putting pressure on him to take the blame.

Meanwhile, a retired IAS officer Arun Bhatia has written a letter to the Chairman of Maharashtra Human Rights Commission (MHRC) seeking the transfer of Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar from the city. Bhatia has also requested the human rights body to investigate the conduct of Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar since he “represents the police force in the city”.

The appointment of the doctor as Chief Medical Officer based on a politician’s recommendation should be investigated and the Health Secretary punished, Bhatia stated in the letter. Bhatia has also asked for a report from the police regarding the step-by-step sequence of events and reasons for delay and lapses in the investigation process which must be obtained and brought into the public domain immediately. “The present Police Commissioner cannot be relied upon to do this,” he mentioned. The retired civil servant accused the Police Commissioner of shielding the crime and his corrupt officials. “He refused to explain the delays and lapses. A reporter asking questions was pushed away by a police officer as seen on television. The media reported that the Police Commissioner had said that there was no political pressure to save the doctors and later contradicted this. Two politicians had turned up at the police station,” Bhatia added.