‘Lifetime Imprisonment for selling illicit liquor’

Chennai: In response to the tragic hooch incident in Kallakurichi that claimed over 50 lives, Tamil Nadu has introduced stringent measures to combat the menace of illicit liquor.

Minister Muthusamy tabled a bill in the state assembly on Friday, proposing lifetime imprisonment for those found guilty of selling illicit liquor.

The hooch tragedy in Kallakurichi sent shockwaves across the state, highlighting the severe consequences of the illegal liquor trade. The incident not only resulted in significant loss of life but also prompted a swift and decisive response from the state government. Several officials were suspended in the immediate aftermath, and the government vowed to implement stricter laws to prevent such incidents in the future.

The bill tabled by Minister Muthusamy includes provisions for lifetime imprisonment for individuals convicted of selling illicit liquor. The decision to introduce such severe penalties reflects the government’s commitment to eradicating the illicit liquor trade and ensuring the safety of its citizens, he said.

“The loss of lives in Kallakurichi is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by illicit liquor. We are determined to put an end to this menace,” said Muthusamy while presenting the bill. He emphasized that the new law would serve as a strong deterrent to those involved in the illegal liquor business.

Following the hooch tragedy in Kallakurichi that claimed over 50 lives, the opposition, led by the AIADMK, has staged protests and demanded the resignation of Chief Minister M.K. Stalin. They argue that the state government’s failure to curb the illegal liquor trade led to the Kallakurichi tragedy.

“The government must take full responsibility for this tragedy. The Chief Minister should resign immediately,” said an AIADMK spokesperson during a protest outside the assembly. The opposition’s protests have intensified, with members wearing black shirts and staging walkouts to express their dissent.

In response to the opposition’s demands, the ruling party has maintained that the swift introduction of the bill demonstrates its proactive stance on the issue. Chief Minister Stalin has assured the public that the government is taking all necessary steps to prevent future tragedies and bring those responsible to justice.

“We are committed to ensuring the safety of our citizens. The new bill is a crucial step in our efforts to combat the illegal liquor trade,” said Chief Minister Stalin. He also highlighted the government’s efforts to support the families of the victims and enhance enforcement measures across the state.

The proposed bill for lifetime imprisonment for selling illicit liquor marks a significant move by the Tamil Nadu government to address the grave issue of illicit liquor trade.