Indians in Russia to seek Modi’s support to build Hindu temple

Moscow, July 9: The Indian community in Russia are  seeking PM Modi’s support to build a Hindu temple in the country, a new Indian school building and the availability of more direct flights to India.
Prime Minister Modi is in Moscow from at the invitation of President Putin for the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit.
Indian diaspora members in Russia expressed excitement over PM Modi’s visit to Russia.
The diaspora members also expressed their wish for a Hindu temple, a new Indian school building and the availability of more flights to India.
“There are few things which remain missing in the society. For example, we would demand a Hindu temple through Prime Minister Modi. There are a few troubles with airlines as only Aeroflot works. If any other airline like Air India operates flights to Russia, then the frequency will increase along with the availability of seats,” Rakesh Kumar Srivastava, an Indian from Patna living in Russia said.
With Hinduism spreading in Russia in recent years and the number of Indians growing, the community is feeling the necessity of having a Hindu temple in the country to meet their spiritual needs.
“We have only one hope from Prime Minister Modi that something should be done for the Indian diaspora so that the diaspora students receive good education, and the schools should be strengthened. And the Indian diaspora which is importing goods from India is facing few troubles, they should also be looked into so that the India-Russia relations are strengthened further,” Dilip Kumar Minglani, another Indian living in Russia said.