Japan heatwave: Four deaths reported, people urged to stay indoors

Tokyo, July 10: Japan is facing a severe heatwave, prompting the meteorological agency to issue heatstroke alerts for 26 out of 47 prefectures. Temperatures soared to 40°C in some areas, marking the highest recorded since 1940 in Shizuoka. The extreme heat has already claimed four lives, including elderly individuals engaged in outdoor activities.

Concerns are mounting for vulnerable populations, particularly the elderly and young children, as heat-related illnesses surge. Over 2,200 people were hospitalized for heatstroke in the final week of June, with more than half of them over 65 years old. Tokyo alone reported 198 cases of suspected heatstroke on Sunday.

Experts attribute the escalating temperatures to global heating and climatic changes, warning of potentially record-breaking summer temperatures surpassing last year’s hottest season on record. Authorities urge the public to stay indoors, use air conditioning, and stay hydrated to mitigate risks associated with the ongoing heatwave.