Fill vacant head master posts in 4,500 schools: Ramadoss

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder S Ramadoss has called on the state government to urgently fill head master positions in 4,500 government schools to prevent a decline in the quality of education.
In his statement, Ramadoss highlighted that reports indicate 4,500 government schools, including 2,994 primary and middle schools, are currently without head masters. “It is condemnable that head masters have not been appointed even one month after the reopening of schools. Due to this, UG and PG assistants have been appointed as head masters in-charge. They are spending their time on discharging the duty of head masters and could not teach the students,” he added.
Ramadoss blamed the government’s indifference for the vacant head master positions. “Counseling to promote teachers as head masters should have been conducted before the reopening of schools. But, the government does not show interest in clearing cases in the High Court pertaining to the appointment of head masters. Due to this, posts could not be filled,” he said.
He accused the government of destroying the quality of education in government schools and urged immediate action to fill the vacant head master posts. Ramadoss emphasized the need for prompt appointments to ensure that the education standards in government schools do not deteriorate further.