Review: Billa Pandi – Thala Puranam

If you think it was only Vijay who had a release this Deepavali, hold on. Here is Billa Pandi. It is a movie that revolves around Ajith and speaks volumes about his films and his off-screen persona to an extent that it becomes a overdose at places.

Starring R K Suresh in the lead, the movie features him in the role of a die-hard Ajith fan (Billa Pandi). He is a construction worker and strives to serve the needy around him.

He falls in love with his aunt’s daughter, Valli (Chandini). But comes a twist in the form of Jayalakshmi (Indhuja). He constructs a house for her and she develops love towards him.

She comes up with a wild allegation that plays spoilsport in his life. What happens in his life forms the rest. As the title suggests, the movie opens singing paeans on Ajith.

There is an intro song for the hero where he sings about ‘Thala’. RK Suresh as Billa Pandi rolemodels his life after Ajith. He wears T-shirt with Ajith’s image and his ring tone is from one of the movie songs of Ajith and his motorcycle carries the image of his favourite actor.

As an actor, he proved his worth playing baddie in Thara Thappattai. Now as a do-gooder in Billa Pandi, he impresses. He seems comfortable playing the role of an Ajith fan and is quite convincing in action and emotional sequences.

Indhuja shines in the role of a woman who has lost her everything, including her memory, and Chandini impresses. The movie seems to ride on Ajith’s charisma and his fan-following.

Had the director Raja Sethupathi concentrated more on the story and made it more commercial, the end product could have been impressive.

NT Bureau