Man injures himself while recording a clip on TikTok

Chennai: Anyone can become a celebrity these days with their video going viral. Ever since TikTok, the social media app, was launched, users have stormed the Internet with ridiculous videos.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry keeps coming up with videos to depict their latest acting and lip sync skill.

We have read reports of people dying by freak accidents while attempting to capture the perfect selfie but harmful incidences due to TikTok have surfaced. Recently, a new TikTok video of a man has gone viral not because of his acting skill but because of his injury.

In the video, the man, while pretending to slit his throat with a knife ended up hurting himself after the knife left a deep cut on his neck.

He is seen performing for a Tamil song. The man, visibly stunned, appears speechless as he touches his bleeding neck and looks at the blood stains on the knife. The video ends after the man stops recording with one of his hands still around his neck.

When the controversial film Sarkar was released, several TikTok videos made by Vijay’s die-hard fans showed themselves breaking government freebies such as laptops, grinders, etc., which left netizens baffled by their lack of sense.

There are even reports where trollers abuse with vile comments those who upload TikTok videos.

In response to the rising cases of injuries caused due to apps like TikTok, News Today brings out a simple yet effective points to keep in mind to stay safe.


* Be aware of your surrounding while recording videos.
* Avoid recording videos in public spaces
* Do not attempt stunts that will leave you injured
* Don’t encourage those who are reluctant to perform for a video
* Activate child safety features in the TikTok app


TikTok is a social media app that helps users create shot form videos limiting to just 15 seconds. Statistics reveal that this app has been downloaded about 800 million times worldwide. The app is a response to the once active similar app, Snapchat. Users often upload videos of themselves imitating scenes from movies, usually songs, and share them across every major social media platform.

Mohammed Rayaan