‘Dev’ will be a thorough entertainer: Karthi

Actor Karthi’s Dev hit the screens today. Directed by Rajath Ravishankar, the movie has Rakul Preet playing his ladylove. Music is by Harris Jeyaraj.

Speaking about the movie, he says, “The character I play in Dev is similar to my real life. Like how Dev has been brought up by his dad and likes to live the moment and does exactly what he likes to do, I also to an extent act in a similar manner. Dev does not run behind money, rather he wants to gain lot of experiences travelling around.”

Karthi plays a bike enthusiast and an adventure-lover in Dev. The chemistry between Karthi and Rakul in the trailer has set the screen on fire and left the audience in anticipation of watching them on-screen.

Speaking about the film, Karthi says, “It is a film that speaks about loving everything around you. Live the moment, love and do what your heart says is what Dev is all about. This is a love story, but it isn’t about romance. Rakul Preet Singh has been a great performer and she has really breathed more life into this character.”

Dev is produced by S Lakshman of Prince Pictures and is helmed by debut director Rajath Ravishankar.

Speaking about the duo, Karthi says, “Rajath Ravishankar is really a talented filmmaker and being a first-timer, he has done unbelievable work. I always keep telling him that he should continue to make more movies. Producer Lakshman’s grandfather was the producer of Madurai Veeran and film production is in his genes. I am very emotionally excited as we are doing a film together.”