Review: LKG – RJ Balaji packs quite a punch

RJ Balaji makes his dream debut as lead actor in this new political satire, LKG. Starring in the titular role as LKG aka Lalgudi Karupaiah Gandhi. He is a counsellor from a small town, Lalgudi. LKG aspires to become the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. The film is a perfect commercial entertainer packed with humour and drama that revolves around politics. Balaji, who also penned the screenplay, combines various elements that often plagues Indian politics.

The film begins with LKG working as a counsellor in his town, solving civic issues. He works hard to gain as many voters as possible so he can retain his power in the upcoming elections. However, his dream takes a giant leap when he decides to become a leading politician of the State.

He hires a private corporate firm, headed by Sarala (Priya Anand), who manage campaigns for political parties. A central plot throughout this movie is how Sarala and Lalgudi use the power of social media to polarise the voters. The efforts taken to bring down Lalgudi’s opponent, Ramraj Pandian (J L Rithesh), are hilarious. Unlike Sarkar which created a stir last year, LKG treads safe as it uses subtle comedy to evoke the ‘happenings in a political party’. The movie also mocks advertisements of leading brands in some of its scenes. 

It is the writing that make Balaji’s character pleasing for the audience but Priya Anand’s characterisation is bland and her dialogue delivery appears to be wooden. Also the forced romance is unnecessary but thankfully it is cut short to just a single song. The screen grabber is Nanjil Sampath who plays the role of LKG’s father. Nanjil often says Tamil proverbs which leaves you in splits.

Also, J L Rithesh, as a prominent politician, and Bhojappan, the deputy chief minister played by Ramkumar, evoke the persona of real politicians. The final monologue when LKG talks about the reasons why politicians are corrupt and why people vote such persons to power is thought-provoking. With the elections coming up in a few months, LKG is a timely entertainer.

Mohammed Rayaan