Satheeshwaran’s Kudimagan says no to liquor

Every movie begins with a statutory warning that liquor drinking is injurious to health. Our film Kudimagan throws light on how a village and those living there are affected after a liquor shop was opened there, says filmmaker Satheeshwaran.

The movie, written, directed and produced by Satheeshwaran features veteran writer Gnanam’s grandson Kandhan in the lead role. Eera Nilam Jenniffer is the heroine. Master Akash, Bava Chelladurai, Veera Samar, Bawa Lakshmanan among others form part of the cast.

Speaking about the film, Satheeshwaran says, ‘The movie begins in a village and revolves around a happy family comprising a father, mother and a young son. The local Councillor manages to open a liquor shop. All hell breaks loose. The villagers stage protest. Officials promise to shut down the shop in few months. Meanwhile almost all men in the village start to booze. Their health and joy in their goes for a toss.’ The movie has cinematography by C T Arul Selvan, music by S M Prasanth and art by Kiran.

NT Bureau