Athi Varadar brought out of temple tank in Kanchipuram

Chennai: For many it was the experience of a lifetime: ‘Excavation’ at the Lord Varadaraja Perumal temple tank in Kanchipuram concluded early this morning and the idol of Athi Varadar was lifted out of the slush.

According to locals who witnessed the event, work began at 12 midnight. By 2 am, they had reached the sixth step of the stairway (padi) that is found around the tank. That was when they first sighted the feet of the Lord.

There were about 70 devotees who were around and they raised in voice the chant, “Varada, Varada.”

By 2.45 am, the ‘workers’ were able to see the beautiful face of the deity. It was around 3.15 am that the idol was fully extricated and wrapped in a cloth. It was then taken to the vasantha mandapam of the temple to be cleaned up.

The algae that had clung to the idol for the past 40 years was given away as prasadam to all those who were around.

The idol was then given thirumanjanam and decorated. All this lasted till about 4 am.

The priests will take about three days to prepare Athi Varadar for public darshan.

The darshan begins 1 July 2019 from 6 am and goes on for about 48 days at a designated place.

The district administration has made elaborate arrangements for the 48 days that the idol will be in public view.

NT Bureau