Foresight of Chinese lawmakers helps them thrive in electric vehicle market

It seems that the Chinese government looks far ahead than its counterparts. By forcing manufacturers to adopt alternative technology, China now has the most number of electric vehicle startups in the world. The reason was that they were realistic. They knew that their dominance in one field will come to an end but their ability to accept defeat when it mattered and focus their energy into futuristic ideals is something worth learning from. Continue Reading

Brexit uncertainty hurting JLR more than outcome: Chandrasekaran

Tata Motors is looking for partnerships to lessen the financial burden, said chairman N Chandrasekaran, projecting the effects the company has faced by the continuing volume slowdown and mounting losses at its British arm, JLR. Continue Reading

Will rural sector buck the trend and help revive auto sector?

ACMA, an apex body representing the interests of the Indian auto component industry, announced that around one million jobs could be lost if the slowdown, that has set in unnoticed last year, persisted. Continue Reading

Transportation enroute to witness global changes thanks to our slave mindset

If you are a person who grew up in the late 90s and during the infant stages of the 21st century, then you would have all too often heard about the world running out of fossil fuel. Believe me or not, it is the first critical moment after which the world went crazy about emissions and subsequently began the impetus to build electric vehicles that are badged clean by those who do not use their brain. Continue Reading

Automakers are stuck in whirlpool of tech & regulation ‘evolution’

It would become cliched to write that electric vehicles are here to stay, for many have written about it, explored the possibilities and explained the technology on a large scale worldwide. People have also spoken about what new car manufacturers will come up with and how important it is for them to move with times and that is all good. But nobody seems to care about the difficulties that manufacturers go through. Continue Reading