Future is promising, but needs to be steered well

‘Make in India’ was seen as a huge movement that would finally see things being ‘made’ in the country. But what we did not see coming our way is that foreigners will resort to making India a manufacturing hub and no more. Continue Reading

Most performance-oriented, made-in-India bikes sell less

From the time when performance and value-for-money aspects were the only deciding factors for motorcycle enthusiasts, India has now matured on the wrong side as, shockingly, the most performance-oriented, locally-manufactured motorbikes in our country are the least sellers in the 150 – 500 cc premium segment. Continue Reading

Mercedes, you cannot have it both ways

I think Hamilton has one victory in his bag that was pinched from Bottas and that win, while he wins the championship, will just keep reminding him that he was given the title and did not earn it. Continue Reading

Hate bumpy rides? Look after your suspension

When it comes to safety, nothing should be compromised. If you are a person who likes to get his hands full of grease, then you can choose to replace the failed part yourself at home. It won’t cost much and there are plenty of videos on the web to help you out step by step. Continue Reading

GM gets boost through Technical Centre India

Chennai: It is well-known that American automotive giant General Motors (GM) stopped its retail business in India in May last year. However, the firm has refrained from being silent and instead has used its base in the country to undertake… Continue Reading

Will a car’s body change?

In the car world, if the engine is the heart, then the structure of the vehicle or ‘body in white’ to the car-person, is the err… body that houses it. There have been many iterations of structural types in the past and I am going to take the ladies and gentlemen who read it down the timeline. Continue Reading