Editorial: Strong words finally

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for cooperation from countries in finding the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic after China refused to participate in the second probe, saying it is not about politics and blame game. Continue Reading

Editorial: Under watch

An investigation by a global media consortium based on leaked targeting data alleged that military-grade malware from Israel-based NSO Group, the world’s most infamous hacker-for-hire outfit, is being used to spy on journalists, human rights activists and political dissidents. Continue Reading

Editorial: Haiti highlight

Haiti’s political future on Sunday grew murkier after the surprise return of first lady Martine Mo se, who was released from a hospital in Miami where she was treated for injuries following an attack in which the president was assassinated. Continue Reading

Editorial: Leak, peak

The head of the World Health Organisation acknowledged it was premature to rule out a potential link between the Covid-19 pandemic and a laboratory leak, and he said Thursday he is asking China to be more transparent as scientists search for the origins of the coronavirus. Continue Reading

Editorial: Weapon worries

Iran’s outgoing president on Wednesday warned his country could enrich uranium at weapons-grade levels of 90 per cent if it chose, though it still wanted to save its tattered nuclear deal with world powers. Continue Reading

Editorial: Taliban tension

As the Taliban surge through northern Afghanistan a traditional stronghold of US-allied warlords and an area dominated by the country’s ethnic minorities thousands of families are fleeing their homes, fearful of living under the insurgents’ rule. Continue Reading