Scientists develop sustainable process for making brick-like structures

Scientists have developed a new low-cost nasal swab test which can accurately diagnose the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 in just 20 minutes. Continue Reading

Scientists find link between mutation rate and size

Researchers have found a link between mutation rate—how quickly the DNA sequence changes—and genome size. Continue Reading

Now, you can place order to buy robots for your home

Milagrow has announced the launch of three new robots – Map Max, iMap 10.0 and Seagull. All of them use the proprietary software ‘RT2R’ – Real time terrain recognition technology. Continue Reading

‘Technology has helped farming’

Adoption of science and technology in all aspects of life has been the hallmark of modern civilisation. We expect technology to address challenges and make our lives easier, the same holds true for technological intervention in farming. Continue Reading

Chennai’s link with digital vaccine candidate for corona

In the global race against time for a Covid-19 vaccine, Chennai-based serial entrepreneur and investor Bhargav Sri Prakash, founder and CEO of health tech pioneer – FriendsLearn – has expanded a longstanding partnership with data scientists and AI researchers at the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA) to undertake a proposed population health human trial with a Digital Vaccine candidate (FYA-003) for COVID-19. Continue Reading

Scientists say findings may aid Covid-19 vaccine development

A new study, whose findings may help in the design of new vaccines against Covid-19, has said that while some mutations in the novel coronavirus are directed by the human immune system proteins which degrade it, the virus is able to bounce back. Continue Reading