Who is the real CM: BJP to Deve Gowda

H D Revanna

Bengaluru: BJP today asked the first family of the JDS to decide who among its members was the real Karnataka Chief Minister as it taunted the regional party amid reports about ‘interference’ of PWD Minister H D Revanna, son of JDS supremo H D Deve Gowda, in other departments.

Also terming Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, brother of Revanna, as “crippled CM,” it said Karnataka was still waiting for a government that can function.

“The state of Karnataka apparently has 3 CMs. HD Kumaraswamy the crippled CM, HD Revanna the super CM, HD Deve Gowda the supreme CM,” the Karnataka BJP said in a tweet.

“With so many CMs the state is still waiting for a govt that can function. We think Deve Gowda’s family should first decide who really is the CM,” it said.

BJP’s attack on the Gowda family has come amidst reports about Revanna’s alleged interference in the affairs of other departments, upsetting several Congress Ministers in the coalition government.

JD(S), often referred to as the party of “father and sons” following Gowda and sons’ alleged control over the party, was now being accused of similar conduct in the coalition government. Hitting back at BJP over its tweet, newly appointed JD(S) state President H Vishwanath advised the saffron party to speak with sense.

“Any one can speak or comment, no one can stop it in a democracy, but a national party and its leaders when they speak should speak with sense…,” he said.