Youngster in Chennai teaches women martial arts for free

Chennai: While the Ayanavaram rape case has been the talk of the city in recent times, little has changed when we talk about women safety.

Ask a woman about how safe she feels while travelling in any public transport, no matter what, you’ll get to hear at least one grim molesting incident.

Here is Mohammed Rizwan, an Ambattur resident in the city who has been teaching self-defence techniques for women without charging any fee.

In conversation with ‘News Today’, Rizwan talks about his journey thus far.

“I travel a lot in public transport and I have witnessed women being at the receiving end of harassments and fail to retort. Understanding the importance of knowing self-defence techniques, since six months I have been going to schools and colleges to teach self-defence techniques, including indigenous martial art forms,” says the 27-year-old techie.

Owing to the physical weakness, the perpetrators take advantage. “Women falter when it comes to mental strength. Encouraging them to give a written complaint and giving a motivational talk will be of little help,” adds Rizwan.

When asked about empowering women mentally, Rizwan goes on to say, “It is the tactics to defend themselves that would make them feel more confident. Though it is just a technique, the resulting action is what empowers them.”

Further, Rizwan strongly suggests that women can tackle perpetrators by attacking them on the eight pressure points — eyes, ears, heart, knee joints, neck, nose, armpits and groin.

Talking of challenges he has been facing,”It is the fear that blocks women. During my first session, I was able to see only a handful of young girls who courageously attacked me. When women take a back seat even during coaching sessions, I wonder how they would attack the attackers,” says he.

Rizwan can be reached at 98415 15737.