Chennai govt school teacher aims to make it on par with pvt schools

Chennai: ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi’… mutters a student at a match in a Government Higher Secondary School in Moulivakkam in the city.

The students were playing among themselves under the watchful eyes of their headmaster Pazhaniswamy.

Encouraging sports is one of Pazhaniswamy’’s many ways to increase the strength of this institution.

He takes care in the all round development of the school – right from its infrastructure to teaching moral values to students.

Everyday he tries to prove that students from government schools are no way less than those studying in private institutions.

“I think physical training is as important as academics for students. More than teaching them discipline theoretically, involving them in sports will instill discipline naturally. Besides, with proper guidance, they also have an opportunity to become good sportsmanship,” says Pazhaniswamy.

He has arranged for special artists to draw pictures of nature on the school walls. He says,”A school’s atmosphere plays an important role in shaping students’ character. Dirty and dull walls upset their mind. whereas, seeing colourful paintings may lift the spirits up.”

“We are looking for sapling donors. I am planning to increase the green cover in the school. The responsibility of growing the saplings will be given to students. This will make them understand the importance of growing plants and preserving nature,” he says.

“Parents are now driven towards private schools, thinking only education is going to make their children come up in life. Pushing a student too much into academics is not going to help them,” points Pazhaniswamy.

The school has achieved cent percent pass results most of the time. Talking about this, he says,”Our students are doing well both in sports and studies. There is a gradual drop in the number of students in school. So, special attention is given to improve the school’s infrastructure and so on.”

Pazhaniswamy can be reached at 94452 14218.