Chennai suburban youngster conducts terrace music performances

Chennai: If you happened to go Thillaiganga Nagar, at Nanganallur in the city suburb, chances are high you will hear melodious music from one of the roof tops.

Don’t think twice, it’s from the Motta Maadi Music event that takes place once every one-and-a-half months in the area.

Conducted by the members of Hrudhya Independent Band under the leadership of its founder Badhri Narayanan Seshadri (24), the event which had a humble beginning during the start of this year now sees the participation of over 200 people from across the city.

This reporter had a chat with Badhri to know more.


Q: How did music become your interest?

A: I have been a big fan of Ilayaraja right from my childhood. I used to listen to his songs almost every day. His songs and those from other reputed musicians revealed the huge potential of this art form. So, eventually I got attracted to music and at one point also decided to embrace it as my career.

Q: How did Hrudhya come into being?

A: I was born and brought up in Srirangam. After completing my engineering in Sastra University, due to my love for music, I shifted to Thillaiganga Nagar in 2016 and pursued diploma in Audio Engineering in Musik Lounge, Vadapalani.

Third from left is Badhri Narayanan Seshadri

With an aim of finding my career in the film industry, I joined with nine other musicians and started our independent band Hrudhya early this year. One of the great aspects of our band is a strict no to cover songs. Even if it takes time, we come up with our own unique numbers.

Q: Let’s know more about your Motta Maadi Music event.

A: As an audio engineer, I set up my own music studio with instruments in the house where I live in Thillaiganga Nagar. I practise, record songs, compose music and engineer sound in my studio. But during the start of this year, an idea sparked in my mind: why not engage music lovers in the city? This is how Motta Maadi Music event became a reality. It’s a free platform for budding musicians, music lovers, song writers, etc., to showcase their creativity to the masses. There are many talents hidden in people which remain unearthed due to lack of visibility and publicity. Motta Maadi Music event strives to fill that gap.

Q: How was its patronage?

A: We started the first session on 27 January with just 25 people joining us. But the numbers slowly began to rise even without any promotion except for a Facebook post.

So far, we have conducted five sessions and the last one which was held on 7 July witnessed 180 participants. They were from all age groups. We also conducted the fourth edition on 2 June celebrating the birthday of Ilayaraja which got massive support.

We are planning to conduct the sixth edition somewhere between the first and second week of September.

Q: What kind of songs take centre-stage at Motta Maadi?

A: We sing all Tamil songs that participants like. They may be theme songs or those belonging to any genre.

Unlike the usual concerts, here everyone sings along with us making the entire session lively and fun-filled. The music, indeed, fills the air attracting residents in the nearby houses as well, whose participation is continuously on the rise.

Q: What next for Hrudhya?

A: Music has no boundaries. So, we are learning it with the help of the connect which we established through Motta Maadi Music. We will soon come out with our own album.

For details, residents can get in touch with Badhri at 9677070525. His Facebook page is