Stress laid on taking science, tech to common man in Hindi

CSIR-SERC director Santosh Kapuria presenting a memento to Southern Railway general manager R K Kulshrestha in Chennai today.

Chennai: There is a need to imbibe knowledge in sciences and technology in Hindi was the point driven home on the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) premises today.

Speaking during the inauguration of a two-day national technical seminar in Hindi on the role of science and technology in making India a developed country, CSIR – Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) director Satish Chandra said localising sciences, technology in Hindi would help in taking them to the larger sections easily.

He said science and technology has been receiving prime importance by the Central government and has become a matter of interest for Prime Minister Narendra Modi for its capacity to help in the nation’s progress.

Satish Chandra further said though local languages like Hindi are widely spoken, along with imbibing technology knowledge in them, the languages have also to be simplified if they are to be easily understood by the common folk.

The chief objective of technology should be to make life better for the common man, said Satish Chandra, adding that as the present government at the Centre aims to position this nation among the top three developed countries of the world, there should be a greater usage of science and technology.

There may be challenges in harnessing technology, they should be overcome, he said using the anecdote of an eagle. Eagle is the only bird that tries to overcome the rain by trying to fly above the clouds that bring showers, while other birds stay in the nest to avoid rain, he said.

Southern Railway general manager R K Kulshrestha said he hoped seminars like these would show the way when it comes to usage of science and technology to usher in nation’s progress.

Speaking about bringing  science and technology in local languages, he said when determination is strong, language will ceases to be a hurdle.

The theme of the two-day seminar organised by SIR-SERC (Chennai) one of the constituent laboratory of CSIR and CSIR Madras Complex is ‘Technology Vision 2035 – Challenges and Opportunities’.

More than 50 scientists are taking part in the seminar and various subjects related to science and technology are to be discussed in the two-day event.

Senior scientist and chairman of the organising committee of the conference Amar Prakash welcomed the gathering. CSIR-SERC director Santosh Kapuria spoke. Principal scientist and vice chairman of OLIC Saptarshi Sasmal proposed the vote of thanks.