Deaddiction centre in Chennai transforms many lives

Chennai: A de-addiction centre at UNI Colony at Kodambakkam in the city is silently transforming lives for the better, so to say.

The group that is named as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) conducts meetings every Sunday, for rehabilitating those affected by liquor.

“We believe that discussing with each other and sharing experiences will help many to come out of their addiction,” said a member, who according to the group’s rules wished to remain anonymous.

“One does not require membership to join AA. The one thing that unites all the participants is the common desire to break away from the habit. The programme also has 12 steps that offers ways to lead a non-alcoholic life. One unique aspect of this forum is that whatever is discussed is within the group and no one speaks about it outside. Here we care about only what is being said, than who is saying it,” he added.

Apart from this, AA also has a separate wing for women called Al-Anon, where they keep in contact with the members’ families by providing counselling to the victim’s wife or mother and tell them on how they can help their men.

Speaking about this, one of the members here says,”Al – Anon provides a platform to every woman affected by her alcoholic husband or even son, an opportunity to discuss ways or methods in which they can be saved. Women like them do not know in which state their husband/son would comes home from work and live in fear. Moreover they do not know what they need to do to de-addict them. So we provide a platform where healthy discussions take place.”

“We also have a group for children called Al-Ateen where young ones come together and share their problems. They would also be taught ways in which they can handle their alcoholic fathers,” he noted.

“There have been a lot of positive results through our meetings,” he concluded.
For details, contact Al-Anon helpline number : 8682080064, 8939183594.